There are many ways to recreate fun but functional usable space in your nooks and crannies.  With house moving costly and dare I mention the uncertainty of the house market with Brexit just around the corner, more people than ever are now choosing to stay put and invest in their current property rather than move home.  Small areas can be transformed into quiet, cosy reading nooks and with multi room audio, the awkward little space round the corner that collects dust all year can be reborn into a listening pod allowing you to float away whilst the rest of the house carries on oblivious to your momentary absence.

Loft conversions are becoming increasingly popular and with Smart Home multi room technology, can be seamlessly integrated with the home rather than the loft conversions of old that seemed to be added on as an afterthought and accessed via wobbly loft ladder. Home automation can breathe new life into space that was once neglected and offer a fun, relaxing and entertaining area that’s no longer cut off from the rest of the house.

Then there’s the Man cave.  Nearly as old as time, man has sought out space for himself, a place to escape the pressures of the daily grind.  Once a place for a cheeky little tipple, and ‘tinkering’ with nik naks and tools, can now be a place of legendary awesomeness! The evolution of smart home technology has literally transformed the man cave. Enough of the gender specifics though, the ‘Cave’ (as we’ll call it) can be the epicentre of entertainment for ALL the family. How many of us actually use our garages for cars? Not me, it’s a dumping ground for ‘gardening’ equipment I don’t really use, and bikes that aren’t ridden – surely that’s what sheds are for?! Summer houses or garages offer the  perfect solution for converting a space into a space of epic greatness. Home cinemas literally bring the entertainment to you and if you’re feeling generous, get your mates round for the big game and share the fun. 

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